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  1. Hi! I have been looking for a family for adoption but its honestly getting pretty discouraging. Most adoption groups focus more on the little kids than teens, just like RL and its pretty sad. We get tossed aside even on here...Either we aren't the right age, gender, species...or we "expect to much". How is wanting love and attention expecting to much? If you adopt someone, you should let them live with you just like a RL adoption, it helps with the bonding process and shouldn't expect them to be a certain age or species to make you happy. You should make an effort to come online and spend time with them, talking, going out and doing things, not barely talking and ignoring them or picking favorites, favoring the little siblings more. Its not right in the slightest and apparently those two simple things, a room to call our own and actual effort from the parent is "expecting to much". People say teens are to hard to handle yet I have met some pretty bratty little kids who just get a whole bunch of gifts then leave and block the parents. Most teens leave because they were ignored, yet we are the problematic ones? I just wish roleplay parents actually cared about and loved teens just as much, we deserve families too.
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