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  1. I am an avid profile reader because, then, I sometimes discover cool places to visit, stores to shop at, which otherwise, I would not know about. The photos and the groups sections can give this information. Also, the groups section can be amazingly informative. I have learnt about groups doing things I would never have imagined was possible!
  2. Most of the TP crashes I experience, are when I try to TP out of a very busy region. That is, one with a lot of people in it. After a long wait for the TP to work, it stops, says TP failed, then I either have to log out, because further TP's wont work, or eventually, I get a crash/disconnect. Oh and I don't have Malwarebytes installed.
  3. I am waiting for a fantasy house, so I went to the demo region to listen to the odd sounding creatures, you write about and I think, after some research, I found the answer. MOLES "Mole sounds typically include high-pitched squeals, snorts, squeaks, guttural noises and grating teeth. Some species also wheeze".
  4. I am asking for help here, obviously for a friend, who is too shy to ask openly, here. So I, oops, my friend, has a Belleza Jake body and uses the slim shape. I, oh I mean my friend, wants to be more female. I, oops, my friend, does not want to change the body to totally a female one. I, oh, I mean my friend, already has the lower body female bits, which was easy to deal with, but now it is about the breasts. Are there some breasts that can easily be attached to the Jake mesh body, or does it mean that the body needs to be changed completely for a female one? I would appreciate any help you can give. Oh, sorry, my friend would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you, umm, on behalf of my friend.
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