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  1. Hi! I'm looking for two things (maybe three?) First would be a male body that doesn't have sculpted abs. I'm trying to go for a chubby dad bod look. So far I've tried Jake an Legacy M and of the two, Legacy M is definitely smoother but still really toned in it's sculpt. I'm using Lelutka Luka if that helps. (Additionally, do any of the male mesh bodies available use BoM?) As for the second thing, I'm looking for a specific type of haircut. Doesn't need to be perfect, it probably won't be, but I'm looking for a loose mohawk with some curls or waves. If it's closer to an undercut, crew
  2. I found the Evo x Bossie skin on the left and I believe it's the same one as the skin on the bottom (although the bottom one has some additional BOM on top of it): it's [Heaux] Rose, which was limited edition and is now sold out 😞 Still not entirely sure what the Bossie one on the right is but I suspect it's most likely [Heaux] Meja with an eyelid BOM.
  3. I checked this out. It's definitely great for tweaking already blue toned skins, but from a natural range, tinting it blue it looks pretty weird. But a good tip all the same, thank you!
  4. They might be made by the creators but the creators don't seem to make skins unless they're all private/personal so I'm asking here just in case. I'm most especially looking for the Bossie one on the left for evo x. Alternatively, if these skins aren't purchaseable, does anyone know of similar ones with a smooth doll-like appearance?
  5. Meant to quote both sorry--- Thank you this is awesome!
  6. These are awesome, thank you so much. I was having zero luck looking up color names on the market!
  7. Hi! I've been looking for a white, grey or light blue BoM skin for Maitreya & Lelutka. I'm also using V-tech but if the skin isn't made for that that's fine. Additionally my Letluka head is Avalon, so evo or evo x will work. The first skin applier included with Maitreya is a great start but it's not BoM (I don't think, at least-- I'm new to BoM but it doesn't seem to be working that way) and plus, I can't match the head to it. I have some extensive mod experience as well so if it's something I need to make myself, just a finger pointed in the right direction towards making custom
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