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  1. I sent you a friend request on Second Life. I do not know how to mesh yet at all. I want to learn.
  2. How am I expect to "sharpen my tools" if I don't even understand my "tools"
  3. Hi so I was wondering and hoping, that someone would be available to help me learn, meshing + rigging clothes for second life! I have downloaded Blender + Marvelous Designer. I have been searching YouTube and nothing makes sense to me. PLS HELP. I am willing to PAY for lessons.
  4. I would like to get my real life dog custom made on the second life platform. {Realistic like the "Rezz Room" pets} (of course ill pay for it) - The Dog - His harness (ability to add on to him) - His hoodie - His T- shirt - Poses that he does in real life {3} (I have pictures) - Ability to wander / idle / follow {I will send pictures for you to reference} My name inworld is MrsRomun Resident or on Discord: Khalissa#3351
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