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  1. Nur eine kurze Frage: Wenn ich von jemandem blockiert wurde und keine IMs mehr senden kann, sieht die Person trotzdem meine Postings in gemeinsamen Gruppen? Oder werde ich in Gruppen ebenfalls automatisch wegblockiert? Ich danke euch!
  2. So, i think i read something like “made for LeLutka Evo“ But LeLutka is only the head, right? But i can't remember a body. I will have a look at it later.
  3. Hey there, i don't know. I bought the session skins Fanny and Matilda. I'm actually using them with their body. But now i can't find clothes who are fitting my bodies. Do you have any tips for me where i can buy clothes and sexy lingerie for them? And is it compatible with sessions *****? Or can i use them with a mesh body? Sorry for the questions, but my last login is about 5 or 8 years behind. I don't know where to ask. Thank you!
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