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  1. I have noticed a trend in SL that seems to be getting worse. Mesh body and head creators have zero problem charging everyone up to 6K L for their products, but when it comes to product updates, they lavish the timely update support on the female products and the males wait. Current example. Meshbody maker of Legacy bodies Has 3 female bodies for sale and only 2 male bodies. The female bodies have been updated multiple times with features and fixes and are all at VS 1.4. The original male body I have from them has not seen an update in what will be 14 months in 5 days and is only at Vs 1.2. The second male body released Summer of 2020 is still on version 1.0. The newest female body started getting updates and free add-ons a few months after its release. Now they have starting talking about this new Legacy X add on that will be coming and have already flat out said that will go to the female bodies first. Catwa is another offender. They update nearly 30 female heads while the owners of the male heads who also paid 5K get nothing for months after the last female head was updated. Now some fancy pants is going to pop up and say "well they don't have to update anything if they don't want to." This is true. In that case they must update no one. Someone else might come along and say. "Well that's because women buy more." Doesn't matter. Every customer who pays the going rate for a product deserves the same level and timeliness of updates. Gender bias has no place in SL anymore than it does in the real world. Most of us spend our RL money in SL, we have the right to expect the same value for our money. And I wonder how if gender bias is illegal in so many parts of the world, how it can be so common in SL and nobody does anything about it. There are rules about illegal gaming in SL and other stuff, why isn't gender bias a no no in the SL TOS?
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