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  1. Sadly no. I checked that again once you suggested, and unfortunately the only thing that the object has in it is a door script. I clicked it many times since I know scripts aren't always named to their functions. All it does is open and close. The door came as just that, not inside an unpacker nor was it an unpacker. Just a door through and through.
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean that you were misleading, but that if other sellers say that any part of the gacha Rare can be considered the rare item. That would be misleading. You were not misleading. I am sorry, if it seemed I put it that way. I understand what you are saying now. The product key was provided on the listing, but I checked other sellers, just in case. I did end up getting the product from another gacha seller, like I stated before, so I am already settled. I just wanted to make sure that others don't get scammed.
  3. Wow, I didn't know people could advertise like that. That is just misleading. I bought a lot of gachas on Marketplace and never had that problem. This is my first time having this much of a problem. I already own the building that was bought from another gacha owner. No problems there. I am not sure what you are referring to on the 'how and what' part of your comment.
  4. It is an option, but to do it twice, and then just send me the other part? I already bought the same building from another gacha owner, so I saw that it came with only three parts: The building, the left door, the right door. For a gacha reseller to make this kind of mistake is highly unlikely. I have bought gacha on Marketplace many times, and have never had this problem. Let alone, the person didn't even respond back to my IM and instead just sent the other door to me. It just has a whole bunch of flags. Also, he had posted the gacha product key (the ad) on the listing, so I am pretty sure he knows what he is supposed to offer. There is not a picture of a singular door. I would provide more details, but I am not sure if it would be handled as a smear campaign or something. I usually don't like to make a big deals of these things, but it was just handled badly.
  5. From what I remember, the gacha was just listed as the rare item (the building), not parts of it. It was even at a usual rare item price. I really feel like this was a scam since only the door was delivered the first time, and then it looked as if the second door sent was the other side of that entrance (a double door, right and left side for entrance). I asked for a resend of the building and instead he gave me another door. They even open opposite ways and such. This is why it felt like a prank and a scam because if it was a redelivery of the same product, he would send me the exact door. I was also clear in my first IM that I expected a whole building, so I am pretty sure he is scamming. I will look into the ticket system. Thank you for the response!
  6. Hello! I recently bought an item from marketplace. The item was a building, and instead of the whole building, the seller has sent me one of the entrance doors from the building. I contacted the seller, just in case it was a mistake, but in response, I received the second entrance door of the building. I can't flag the item because it is no longer listed, and I can't review a seller. I want to report the seller so no one else gets scammed by this person. What should I do?
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