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  1. Hey I'm interested in spending some time on this to create something really good, hopefully in exchange for LD. I was wondering if there was any specific writing or imagery you wanted for the logo
  2. I have spent a lot of time irl cultivating my hobby for writing, and would like to put that to use in Second Life. Being new to the game, I would accept low pay for my services. I can write poetry, screenplays, scripts, and short novels.
  3. Hey, I have an irl background in graphic design and feel that I would ne able to make the sign well. I am new to the game and so would be willing to take a low payment. Because of this, I feel that I would be excellent for the job. I hope that you consider me.
  4. Hey, I am new to second life and am looking for my first job, hence I will be available for a very low wage. I am eager to impress and have an excellent work ethic and so I feel that I would learn quickly and thoroughly on the job. Because of this, I feel that I will be excellent value for money, and my value will only increase as time progresses. I hope you consider me for the job.
  5. Hey, I am new to Second Life and am looking for my first job. Because of this I will accept a very low pay for what I feel will be a very high reward. I have spent several years writing sketches, novels, screenplays and scripts both comedic and tragic. I am not professional standard but being young it is certainly an aspiration. I hope you consider me for the job as I feel that I have a lot to offer for a low cost. Sincerely, Rufus
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