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  1. I've never had that perspective before. Secondlife in many ways is also a series of games, but dynamically changing and connected. The benefit I see in something like High Fidelity is you can still have your own avatar, your inventory, and then if not play the game in the game world you can just hang out, or watch videos, et cetera. That aspect is still close to Secondlife. I also thing naming was a huge issue with High Fidelity. I remember searching it to find the game and every time I do many other unrelated things would come up. I was researching the potential of SL and w
  2. There wasn't an established userbase at the time, so not much content existed. I was going to upload some of my own models eventually, but I'm no scripter. In fact I did login to High fidelity before I came back to SL. I'm here, shortly, because there isn't anything else like second life, unfortunately. I'll probably find myself bored like before and leave for another several years at least, eventually.
  3. Actually VR wasn't required. I've never had vr before when I used it.
  4. I actually used to play High Fidelity, What happened to it? Personally I think that they should have tried their hardest to migrate everyone from Secondlife to High Fidelity. The scripting is better, interactivity is better, avatar movement, VR integration, et cetera. Sl has tons of issues with it on a base level. The problem is its mostly the only thing of its kind where you can go in, upload whatever you want, and script whatever you want. The foundation of secondlife itself is beyond busted.
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