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  1. Thank you Karenx0, it’s exactly what I was searching for! 😍 Thank you very much guys.
  2. Thank you all!! Joséphine I’ll do like you said next time, Thanks ! 🥰
  3. Hello everyone! So the thing is that I’m not able do find a store that does skin that I’m searching ( for male and female avi ). It is really pale and look really good for the asian features in general. The images below are what I’m searching for kind of skin. Do you know stores that do these others than it’s girl, skinnery or others? Cause I know they don’t have those. I contacted the creator of the products you see but she didn’t respond and it’s been 3 months. Even that I know she’s active because she’s always selling new products. So I’m desperate. Thank you in advance !!! 🥺
  4. HI everyone! So, my problem is that when i select to put my haibase or tattoos on my avi it didn't appear. I bought an omega system kit for Genus but even with that it don't works. So I can only use the genus project hairbase. i've a kupra body if it's needed. And i remember i retrart the avatar to make a different look and when i selected the haibase on the bitsy body, it appeared. But i put genus and nothing. I'M desespered please someone help me !!!😭 ty!
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