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  1. You will need to license full-perm animations from animators to use in your furniture. The licenses that are required to purchase full-perm animations will almost always prohibit their use in furniture being sold as M/C/T (full-perm), as they require the builder buying the animations for resale furniture to set the permissions for the animations to "No Transfer.". I have never encountered a licensing agreement that allowed for licensed animations to be included in full-perm products. There are lots of cheap and freebie 'full-perm' animation sets sold on the Marketplace, but many of these
  2. Ridicule! Thanks. Always a good way to make a new person feel welcome. ♥ This was a serious issue several years ago. And history tends to repeat. https://modemworld.me/2011/03/12/time-to-end-the-whack-a-mole/
  3. Hi! I am recently-returned Class of 2010. In RL, I help run a small record label by providing my Photoshop skills and willingness to spend an entire day folding and packing orders. In SL, I'm intensely lazy. I am an experienced RL/SL DJ, and I've been dipping my toe into the water again. I'm also an ordained minister, and have even officiated two weddings. (Both of them ended within six months. One resulted in a restraining order.) tl;dr NERD.
  4. ... you could wander around with your music player open as you wandered the grid, without worrying about exposing your IP address and other details? I was exposed to so much music that way, purely by chance. It added something extra to the inworld experience.
  5. I have recently returned in earnest in the past four months. I've enjoyed being back, and delighted to see most of my tiny friends list still active and huggable. I've decided to stay with the mesh body I purchased in 2010 when I signed up for this account. There isn't much support for it any longer, but it feels so much like me that I have refused to part ways with it. Most of the money I have spent has been for updated furnishings.
  6. Hi! I'm a 2010-er, and it never dawned on me to join the forums. My Top 6 for This Week: AZARYA - "Dangerous Art" I tend to bounce around in circles to this. BarbWalters - "Roses" Some vintage disco vibes in this one. A stomper! Internet Friendz - "Cybertruck (Titled)" [Explicit Lyrics] Juvenile DIY Nerdcore. Cypress Hill/ICP feels here. Snowshoo - "Crazy" Filtery goodness. Happy Future Funk! Flammy - "Childhood" Some nice sampling of Jane Child's "Don't Wanna Fall in Love". It starts off a little weird, but it gets going right away. Vant
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