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  1. W.I.P kitchen, I got me a chalet and are trying to put together a home, I dropped to decorate downstairs and making a small apartment on second floor and a garden - but yes this is my kithcen
  2. Artisan Eden have as thems gift at Hop Shop http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Golden/207/103/52 7 Li
  3. Waiting for this dream to come true 😍
  4. 4 Season event have gift's this time, some of it was furnitures
  5. hi, question and sorry if this is wrong place to ask. The stilts they build now, will they let us know when they get released ?
  6. Here are a few photos of my new camper, the garden 😍
  7. @Sylvia Tamalyn thank you πŸ’— I am so happy about it 😍
  8. You guys! I have wanted to try that GoH to get a better location for my camper, it was kinda tucket away. And so I finally gived it a try. And I rolled the same reagion, very bummed out I went to look at what I thought was my old parcel but no! Look! Mine new camper is the white one, by the water, and a lot of water around and ooh it is so cute here. β™₯
  9. Loved the slide show, as a new cityzen I learned a lot about Belli. And I am so very impressed by what both Lindens/Moles and Bellisserians are doing here β™₯
  10. I think my home is finished (for time being) I have had so much fun walking to stores for freebes and yardsales/MP for steals, I did have to buy a kitchen but that was a cheap one haha Oh and I even got me a "swimming pool" for the warmer days come summer🌞 Kitchen! β™₯ Livingroom β™₯ Office/dining hehe Garden / that sort of look like a yard sale..but I LOVE it, and check me out in my fancy pool back there haha β™₯
  11. Yah I am loving it, first I thought to use that tiny house looking one. But I do not got enough stuff for that haha. And now I do not want to go back, I have a kitchen/office space and a livingroom space, is all I need and and thank you β™₯
  12. thank you haha, I want it to be camping but also cute πŸ™ƒ awesome! them short curtains are perfect I think. thank you so much
  13. More pics of my camper β™₯ I really am loving to put it together. Mind, I am on a budget so there is a mix of all kinda group gifts and gachas and cheaps stuff lol - But I am loving it, lots of lots of fun My kitchen, prolly not the best kitchen but it was cheap and low on prims haha. I cuted it up with some gachas and that chalk board. Any tips to get curtains that work for campers and that look nice and not to expencive ? My dining/office/hallway haha I forgot almost, da outside haha. My bear friend invited his buddy πŸ˜›
  14. Hi I am new in Bellisseria You all make so pretty houses and it a lot of fun to see the photos, I got me a camper, because I do not have a lot of stuff and is kinda new in SL so. Anyways I show you two little details I am happy with, all is work in progress for a long time I think haha. My living room corner, I had to chose between bedroom and livingroom - but I can always sleep on the couch. I am little! My start of what will be a garden. The bear moved in and is a great guitarist( or what that is called) I think I will be very happy here β™₯ That was really all I had to show, I been working on this all day uhhm haha and most of my night. Gonna be a loooong day πŸ˜›
  15. Hi! I am Lillie, I have been in SL 6ish month's. Not active all that time though, RL sometime get busy. I like to explore Second Life, dress up my pixwl doll, am trying to take some photos and today I joined Bellisseria Love everything in SL, what I seen anyways. Hope to make new friends
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