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  1. Update: All is fine and working as usual. I hope I don’t experience this again. MP and SL.com came back as mysteriously as the issue started. Shrugs
  2. I use google chrome usually, I tried opera which didn’t work I got the same error. My husband tried on his PC he also gets an error. But the error message is happening on my mobile too I have an iPhone and use safari to browse. If I switch the data on my phone I can login as usual on the SL website and browse marketplace so I’m pretty much clueless now.
  3. I just tried it but unfortunately it doesn’t work still the same error message. I tried it out on my mobile phone with data all is fine I can use MP and SL website just not with the internet. My husband is even looking into it for me, hopefully there’s a solution soon.
  4. I have been getting an error message the past few days on secondlife.com and marketplace as shown below. It's very strange I've never experienced this before this is also happening on the inworld web search too. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://marketplace.secondlife.com/" on this server. Reference #18.4e5ca17.1617820730.d9bd8b
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