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  1. No one is forcing anyone to play these before the 9/1 deadline. Most creators are offering to sell it to you before either removing it entirely or making it as a package to sell in the future.  I decided to play some of the 1/2 priced ones because they were sets I could see myself rezzing in the future so decided to take advantage of the sale.  I have no problem with them selling them at full price after the 9/1 deadline.  I bought them with the knowledge that this would be what happens at some stores, therefore I made an informed decision and gacha resellers should not corner a market on highly desireable gachas because some of the prices are ridiculous at best.

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  2. I have a fairly good understanding of legally binding agreements at this stage of life.  Everytime you login to secondlife you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. No matter how much you argue on this forum otherwise, this is now a legally binding part of the Terms of Service.  Whether you like it or not, this is now part of linden labs business model. They won't likely be wanting to get sued or fined by goverments in countries where they want to retain revenue streams.  I don't understand what you hope to accomplish with all of this anyway?

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    Because those games have lootboxes that fell under their laws? SL does not. Notice Belgium and the Netherlands have not attempted to come after SL with this; even if you can wedge gatchas under the definition, largely aimed at children in games, it's too small beer to bother with.

    Explain why that didn't happen if you believe that "companies are forced to comply with other countries' laws" when they have no standing, there is no case. Even the Apple suit in this country DID NOT FLY. Again, read the resolution of it. Notice how cynically this played out. First, Apple said they should be shielded as a platform provider. Sound familiar? Then Apple faced a class action law suit. Then Apple shook off the suit successfully a got a ruling that the parties had no standing and suffered no losses. You really do not understand the way the world works. You think the vindictive glee with which you greet phenomena you don't like is something you can harness is a big or small game company. You can't. The rule of law prevails over vendettas.

    Explain how LL was not sued, questioned, commented upon, or jittery from this lawsuit all this time. Their jitters now may be unrelated, in fact. The lawsuit *failed*.

    Your notion about the self-execution of international law is simply untrue. Even treaties the US signs on way more important matters like against torture at the UN do not self-execute. You have to have a case and a court of law. Money transactions online cannot be construed as a physical presence.

    Why aren't you over at Roblox?

    You literally need to read up on government regulations and gain a better understanding before saying some of this stuff.

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  4. On 6/19/2021 at 6:32 PM, Starrah Aeon said:

    I'm looking to purchase a full sim for $200 USD per month.  

    only way your getting one for 200 USD a month is if you own a grandfathered one and get lucky to get it at cost, that highly doubtful in this market on second life.

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