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  1. I'll be dumping a few choice houses in the next few weeks - enjoy whoever finds them (particularly stilt houses & victorians)
  2. Contact me in world via notecard. Looking for two grandfathered full regions to buy. Can be 20 or 30k prims
  3. I'm wanting to buy two grandfathered regions for myself - please message me in world if you have one for sale. Thanks Aria Aurelia
  4. I’m looking for someone to custom mesh a couple of very specific items for a region I’m building can Im me in world .. also I don’t want these being sold elsewhere after so must be exclusive to me thanks
  5. Please just make fatpacks and sell them to people who want to buy them. Plenty of us will pay 1500 or so for a fatpack of gacha good if you'd just sell it that way.
  6. Yeah in 2007 I met someone that I knew in real life, we didn't realize it until after a while, we were from the same area!
  7. Does anyone know what the best setting would be to upload a plain mesh panel and keep it from disappearing with LOD?
  8. No one is forcing anyone to play these before the 9/1 deadline. Most creators are offering to sell it to you before either removing it entirely or making it as a package to sell in the future. I decided to play some of the 1/2 priced ones because they were sets I could see myself rezzing in the future so decided to take advantage of the sale. I have no problem with them selling them at full price after the 9/1 deadline. I bought them with the knowledge that this would be what happens at some stores, therefore I made an informed decision and gacha resellers should not corner a market on highly desireable gachas because some of the prices are ridiculous at best.
  9. I don't see why people are so opposed to buying single items or fatpack of these exact same sets. I've pretty much started just buying the fatpack on offer at most events and that is far cheaper than playing the gacha most of the time.
  10. You must of missed Apple Fall & Scarlet Creatives post on this thread then! I have quite a few raindale sets that I spent a bundle of money on as well.
  11. I have a fairly good understanding of legally binding agreements at this stage of life. Everytime you login to secondlife you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. No matter how much you argue on this forum otherwise, this is now a legally binding part of the Terms of Service. Whether you like it or not, this is now part of linden labs business model. They won't likely be wanting to get sued or fined by goverments in countries where they want to retain revenue streams. I don't understand what you hope to accomplish with all of this anyway?
  12. You literally need to read up on government regulations and gain a better understanding before saying some of this stuff.
  13. Interesting that you guys are doing this now but it will encourage more people to buy the fatpacks. What surprises me is how long it took you guys to finally actually do this!
  14. It needs to happen because it would stop certain scams from taking place in the future for sure.
  15. only way your getting one for 200 USD a month is if you own a grandfathered one and get lucky to get it at cost, that highly doubtful in this market on second life.
  16. Some boat resting places on the Blake sea as well
  17. Golf is in sl as well as tiny empires
  18. What next has bumper boats and bicycle rezzers.
  19. It can be a 20 or 30k region but it must be grandfathered. I would also consider two side by side regions as well if grandfathered Can message me in world
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