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  1. 5 hours ago, FinnfinnLost said:


    I'd say stick below 10k. I'd recommend making a really low-poly version as your first "production-ready" version. Enable smooth shading and see if it resembles the shape you're going for. Rig it and see if it deforms properly.

    With your basic topology in place, add more geometry and detail until you're happy or hit your maximum tri count. More subtle details can be added via normal maps without increasing the amount of geometry.

    Are you using Blender? If so, I can share some personal experience that could help. :) 

    Hey thanks Finn!

    Yeah, I'm using Blender. I'm still a pretty basic user but I can make decent things. I want to make a real coolass armor for myself eventually, but I'd also look forwards to making stuff like giant butts in tiny shorts (and selling it to people).

    Got Discord? Feel free to add me at TaleTitan#5366

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