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  1. I've managed to find the problem talktalk has a home safe option, I added the http://thesho.ps/webhud/bodyMode/all/skin/-1 to the allowed list and the Hud now loads the styles yay Thank you everyone for your help ❤️
  2. I was thinking the same, I've disabled antivirus and checked my firewall too.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion and help
  4. I've uninstalled and reinstalled on a different drive, I'm having trouble finding Application Data, I've searched for this folder with no success.
  5. I've tried both viewers. Do you think this might be my service provider? (Talktalk)
  6. This is what the Hud says. https://gyazo.com/ce0f3de6ed17caeedd18e92c2bca141c
  7. I just tried !REDELIVER in group chat but after adding the new contents, I'm still having the same issue. Thanks you everyone for trying to help
  8. I've done this many times.
  9. I can't get a redelivery because they use a media hud that never loads
  10. I've just tried this and it didn't work, there where no blocked sits in the manage media sits. Thanks for your reply
  11. I can see them running in the task manager.
  12. I've tried this, it just keeps saying loading your styles, idk what else to try, thanks for your reply This is the error message https://gyazo.com/3cb787ee0be1a9c4989c8742060c3396
  13. I've been having this problem where the Legacy Hud won't load the style tab, I've contacted support and have gone though the options to enable media but still the style tab won't load. I noticed a error in the media tab of firestorm viewer while trying to load the style tab on the Hud, I showed this to the firestorm support group but still no one can help so I've posted here to see if anyone else may have been having the same problem or may know a solution? Thanks :)
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