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  1. Try out Amaretto Breedables and Papillon. Krafties is quite fun too!
  2. Hi Wili. We should also give credit to 7 seas and Neo- Realms the first fishing games in sl
  3. I'm not a techie and I don't know how to create games or even build. I only play games in Sl. Aem jobs were created by Sin Mikado. They were very good. I used to play them from 2017 to 2019.They pay you for doing jobs
  4. I don't agree Wili 7 seas and neo- realms are the 100 % original fishing games. You replaced their levels with xp and contests with royal contests. Recently you copied Aem jobs game as virtual jobs. Your next venture Pay for viewing ads will be a copy of earn2life, payhud and pay4visit games
  5. Hi Wili. Don't say people copied your games. 7 seas, Neo- realm and one more fishing game I forgot are the 1st fishing games in Sl. So, you copied them. Recently you copied another game AEM jobs Which was in existence since 2017 or earlier and make your own job camping game. You are also trying to copy zombie hunt game now As a player in Sl I want more and more traffic games not from just 1 creator. So, you should focus on betterment of your existing games than blaming others
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