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  1. works like a charm. Thank you!
  2. I'll give it a try.
  3. I'm looking for a script that I can put inside an object that will make a light source flicker. Similar to a candle or camp fire. The flickering effect should be seen on surrounding walls and nearby avatars.
  4. This happened to me as well. It's a bug with qavimator. I saved the .bvh files to a different folder and then SL viewer could see them again. Very buggy.
  5. Hi there, I am trying to get the bento version of Qavimator. (beta) I have followed a few links from google but its always version 450 from 2015. I have read that its buggy but need to see for myself. Does anyone know a link?
  6. Ya, I figure that there is nothing much I could do about it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. I was in SL today and this avatar walks up to me. Then he sits on my face with his arms wrapped around my head. I thought, ok, weird and I tried to walk away. Everywhere I went he stayed right on me. so I tp elsewhere, and he was there! Ok I'm joking about that last part. But I wanted to go back where I was. so I did and you guessed it. He got on my head again. I know, haha, funny... but seriously there must be something that can prevent that. someone has a HUD or something?
  8. That makes sense. I guess there is a reason for the extra lines of code after all.
  9. Thanks for explaining it in simple terms. I guess it seems a little extra to me. I feel like clicking on the chair is permission enough.
  10. Sorry. Talking about lsl script is like trying to understand a different language. Are you saying that, if I have a chair with a unique animation, I still have to include the permission stuff even if the user is not prompted?
  11. perfect. thank you. I will be making a HUD, so 1 less thing to worry about.
  12. So I've decided to teach myself how to script lsl. Yay! permissions wait... what? I just told myself to perform an animation and now I have to ask permission first? Isn't there any way around this? I have used many items in second life and rarely do I ever get asked this. why do some objects need this and others don't? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Permissions/Script here is the page about permissions that doesn't explain why I need them.
  13. I noticed that I lose a little altitude here and there. So after flying around a room for a minute I end up touching the floor. maybe a Second life glitch or something. Is there a way to add + Z axis every time I move forward, back, left or right? example: vector LFT =<0,1,0.2>; instead of: vector LFT =<0,1,0>;
  14. exactly what I was looking for. thank you!
  15. That is awesome, thank you! I'm loving this second life forum community. If it's anything like flying but with separate controls for the Z axis then I can't wait to try it.
  16. Very informative. Thank you. Not sure if I will learn enough about scripting to make my own vehicle. I might as well give it a try. To prevent the avatar from playing a falling animation, can you make them play the flying animation instead? I'm sure it's not that simple or you would have thought of that already.
  17. I have one more problem with second life so I might as well ask it here. Someone might solve it by scripting a vehicle or something. When you fly in FP (mouse look), you move forward in the direction that you are looking. that is frustrating when you want to fly straight and look down. which is most of the time. I want an option where pressing the arrow keys moves you along the X and Y axis. looking around with the mouse doesn't change that. and pg up/pg dn for Z axis.
  18. wow yay. you are right FSDoubleClickAddInventoryClothing in debug. thank you!
  19. just looked through the options again . no luck , unless its in the debug settings
  20. True. I was going to suggest it to Firestorm but they do not have a section for suggestions even in the contact us site. I thought there would be a way to do it with scripting. A HUD that when activated, automatically reattaches (add) the last attachment that was removed?
  21. I've checked everywhere. I there an option to make double clicking an attachment from your inventory add it instead of replace one that's already attached? It would be so much faster.
  22. wow, a little spicy are we. but no, my coding is weak and I know that rolig knows everything.
  23. I can see those as being good uses for the feature. In my case, I had thought I read some where that you can have 4 additional temp attachments. Since everyone is always complaining about how 38 is not enough, I was going to come up with a HUD that allows you to temp attach 4 items. Thus increasing total attachments to 42. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
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