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  1. I'm definitely looking around in-world for people to chat up and hang with, but I'm also pointing my antennae in this forum's direction in hopes that someone else might come across this thread and find someone they have a lot in common with. I haven't lost hope yet!
  2. Hi there! I'm Hiro (pronounced "Hero" cuz I'm super lol) and I'm a 21 year old black guy looking to make friends with people like me. According to SL I was literally born yesterday lol, but I'm mostly looking for people with interests in: -Music (bonus points if its of the video game music, J-Pop, or indie variety, and also people who MAKE music) and/or -Anime (my favorite is Tokyo Ghoul) I'm also into guys, so LGBTQ+ people are welcome. If you're around my age and you're into some of those things mentioned above, hit me up and lets be friends! P.S.: If anyone has found any (free) african american skins/avatars, please let me know lol P.S.S: I forgot to mention im in the EST timezone (which is the Second Life timezone +3 hours)
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