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  1. I just dom't get any rigged ones...because they are SIMS's.
  2. BOSA @ SECOND LIFE: EXXESS (floppyinsecondlife.blogspot.com) This should be Flexy but it is rigged...
  3. The crypto works even with the flexy items?
  4. Hallo guys, such as I'm listing art fair's and so on, I would like to thank all of you whom put an effort into helping me figuring out that Role Play. As I've been adopted from Groenland, the most iced landscape of all the World, it is a matter of life, or second life, to tolerate such climates, it is a bless I came into the Southern but actually it also a point of views that let people be very curious about myself. I can response by what I am advanced on but I can't really express my feelings like I would because it is not possible to story-telling a whole past, family and life-style.
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