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  1. I am looking for creators of clothes of these brands to be able to buy clothes and sell them in a store and somehow reach an arrangement so that both the creator and I, who will rent a space in SL, sell their clothes and get a profit in an excellent way? If you are that person, contact me to see what great ideas we can reach. IM me if omterested... JonnyKtracho
  2. Looking for Mesh Signature, Beauty, Aesthetic, Legacy, Slink, Maltreya, Tonic, Ebody Clothing Suppliers to do clothing business ... Send me an IM to JonnyKtracho to get in touch and talk about it.
  3. Are you saying that if I have a mesh body, I wouldn't have that problem? And thxs for your answer, I really appreciate it.
  4. I am new at Second Life and I'm having this issue. Maybe you could light up my way out of it. I have an Avatar that I got on the game... I believe that this is not a mesh avatar. I got this free cloth from great stores and the cloth looks cool. But when I try it on, the cloth seems to be to little and you can see parts of the body thru the cloth. How can I fix that if the cloth doesn´t let me modify it and even though I make my avatar as skinny as I can, it's always the same. I will appreciate you if you could help me there with an advice please.
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