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  1. Looking for GF full sims 20k or 30k. IM Me or my bot (ManagementBot2020)
  2. arent the fees to upgrade higher for GF sims?
  3. hmmm...i am not a "new resident". New to the forums maybe but in SL for almost 12 years.
  4. Full region, standalone sim completely surrounded by water 65,536 sqm 20,000 prims upgrade-able to 30K for additional tier 14,899 L$/week (16,999 L$/week for 30K) No premium account needed Rating can be changed to PG, Mature or Adult. Residential or commercial use Full estate manager rights You can create your own covenant and rules. Your sim, your rules. You can pay the tier in L$, or USD/Euro ( via PayPal ) For more information, please send me an IM.
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