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  1. And it depends on which designers you like. I used Freya for a while, and I still prefer the way the Freya looks nekkid. But, for example, Belle Epoque is one of my favorite stores, and mostly has Maitreya and a smattering of Legacy. No Freya at all. And I fell in love with a couple of other stores, too, that only did Maitreya, or only did Maitreya/Legacy. So getting Maitreya allowed me to get the wardrobe I wanted, and IMO it's been worth it. It's very much a YMMV thing.
  2. Maitreya; almost everyone makes stuff for it. It's a cost upfront, but you can shop pretty much anywhere, and it's cheaper than Legacy.
  3. I'm glad that BOM alpha bug was fixed. It was driving me thoroughly up the wall!
  4. My friends and I sometimes still do that! But we use the blogs to plan ahead. So we'll all get together somewhere inworld and meet up. We'll look at the blogs and figure out what stores or events we want to go to, and then we'll all go as a group to each of them, while chatting in voice or group chat the whole time. There's nothing about blogs that prevents you from talking to your friends while you shop.
  5. Yeah, I do this too--for example, yesterday, I hit We Love Roleplay and grabbed a couple of things I 100% loved. And I also have made a mental note that there are 2 or 3 other things I'll go back for if I find I'm still thinking about them later in the month.
  6. For me, it doesn't consume more time to read the blogs! It takes time either way--time to walk around the event, or time to read the blogs. For some events the aesthetic is part of the experience, and sometimes I do just go wander around at those, but for events where it's just standard booths, I'm probably spending slightly less time (because less lag) by browsing the blogs first rather than going in without any sort of goal.
  7. I guess I just don't really see a big problem? I don't mind reading a shopping blog, and I don't mind popping into an event briefly to buy my whatever. I just don't want to hunt around in them for an hour and then realize I don't want anything.
  8. For me, it's because those events can get super laggy, and if I'm going to TP into lag hell and stare at gray boxes while I wait for everything to rez, I like to have an idea whether there's anything in there I want. I don't rule out serendipity; sometimes while on my way to the thing I came for, I'll walk past something else I like. But sometimes just knowing "eh, there's nothing I want at this month's Cosmofamemiix" saves me some time and annoyance. And ETA, on a more positive note, without blogs I probably wouldn't even know about all the events there are. I get notices from som
  9. Thank you for the term "avatar trap"! I had to jettison a cabin for just that reason, and didn't have a name for it. I couldn't look anywhere without accidentally looking through the rafters or something. I felt like Alice when she gets huge inside the house and has her arms and legs sticking out of it.
  10. As far as complexity goes, I've achieved some shockingly low complexities with Maitreya as long as I don't wear jewelry (which is a whole other kettle of fish and affects all bodies). I'm often under 30K and sometimes under 20K even when fully dressed. I used Freya before this, and while I liked some aspects of it better, it was somewhat higher in complexity across the board. Not having to wear the onion layers makes a world of difference.
  11. Just watched the video--that one does look good! I'll have to remember it the next time I go looking.
  12. My latest one is from Tuty, but I had to tinker with it. It had a couple of poses that annoyed me, so out they went, and I still prefer the walk and run from Vista Lara, so in they went. Probably my next move will be switching to Firestorm's AO! Pretty much all the AOs have something that irks me.
  13. Plus, sometimes there are things in the box that don't say "Maitreya" but that I want to keep. If there are shoes, yeah, they'll usually say the body name too. But sometimes there's matching jewelry or a hat or something that doesn't specify a body.
  14. Someone by the name of Whirly Fizzle has a really detailed response on the bug forum. Apparently Slink bodies can cause it! Whether you're the one wearing it, or someone else shows up wearing one. There may be some other objects that cause it too.
  15. Good call on Ajuda. There are a ton of standard sizes there, as in, I didn't discover it until I had my mesh body, liked a bunch of the clothes, and did considerable tinkering to be able to wear them anyway. (I have a shape in my inventory now called "Shape for Freebie 50s Dresses," LOL)
  16. Thank you! This is happening to me too. I was beginning to think I'd lost my mind. I filed a support ticket about it but they weren't sure why it was happening.
  17. Yes, my base Maitreya has enough in the way of hoo-ha that I have camel toe in BOM pants unless I use the add-on parts, and if I'm not having SL sex, that's as much detail as I need. OP, get ye to the Free Dove, a lot of the clothes there have standard sizes in them and are free. And then don't delete the other sizes, so if you get a mesh body you have them handy. Not everything I've gotten there is my style, but they've been invaluable when I've switched bodies and needed a few things quickly. secondlife://Gallii/129/35/33
  18. I have a few flexi 'dos, but most of them just add a ton of complexity, and I'm generally trying to reduce that. I like some of the almost photorealistic mesh styles that are out now, though they don't move.
  19. I upgraded because I wanted to be able to wear more clothes. Yes, you can successfully clothe yourself when you have the system avatar, but there are fewer options, and a lot of the clothes look old or out of date because, well, they're old and out of date. I really loved some designers who only designed for mesh bodies, so here we are.
  20. You don't need all of those things, necessarily. A lot of bom skins are one piece, head and body. Sometimes you can also get an additional body skin that's more detailed, but it's not mandatory, the skin that comes with the head skin will look just fine. The brows usually come in the same package. I think only the new HD heads need separate ear skin. I've never messed with my ears one bit.
  21. A brand of graphics card. If you had it, you'd probably know you did, so it's probably not that.
  22. Do you have Nvidia? I couldn't log in yesterday because I needed to update my Nvidia drivers. It worked fine once I did.
  23. Yeah, this is what I do. I have the numbers for the body shape I like written down, so I put on the new head shape I want, then go back in and set the body/torso/legs numbers to what they were before.
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