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  1. Thank you love. I will take a look at the group ☺️ In regards to themes ; Interior - Chic but cosy. Light woods, Alot of neutrals with hints of pink. Details are very important to me. Exterior - Woodland esque with a modern twist. Patios, lots of flowers and trees. Place for me to garden. Gazebos. That sort of thing. Hopefully this is enough for people to see my picture. If not feel free to message me and I can show insp photos. 🥰
  2. Hi everyone. Me and my Partner recently just bought some land and a house. We are now looking for some interior/exterior decorators to help us turn it into our perfect home. It's quite a big build. Please see photo attached. Photos (gyazo.com) However there is plently land (4096m 1/16 of Sim) and plenty prims to make it truly into my dream home. I have a rough idea of how I would like things but nothing is set in stone in that regard. I have some furniture but no where near enough so a requirement would be you have a plethera of furniture already but are also able to incorporate
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