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  1. I think I'll take you up on your offer. Message me here or in game so we can discuss what will or won't be done, and hash out other little details.
  2. As still a bit of a newbie myself, I think this is key. I admit I didn't sift through the entire thread, but I noticed more than a few talked about Second Life not being friendly to newbies. That HAS NOT been my experience. Without guidance, yeah it can be hard to master, but the thing is, I have run into SO many nice, friendly, helpful people that in just 130 days, I've managed to learn how to edit objects and even do some VERY tiny tweaks to scripts. As much as I tried to prepare, there was a lot that I'm not sure you can prepare for. You just have to do it, experience it, and/or be told how to do it by those who have done it. I've learned a lot, but there's a lot I've yet to learn. But I also know there will always be those willing to help me learn it. You'll never escape the trolls and the bad ones, but when you find the good ones, MAN can things get fun. But you gotta be patient. You gotta learn how to really make it all work. Really it took me a month, maybe just over, to really start getting the full expierence out of it. I fear too many newbies don't understand this, and thus give up before it can get good.
  3. "If life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand chocolate." --Saw it as the signature on someone's forum profile once many years ago. I love it because it speaks to over-coming obstacles more than the general phrase. "The walls are there to test how much you want something." --The Last Lecture. This has helped me understand what I want to do with my life. Walls have stopped me in all endeavors except one, and that one seems to be where my future lies. "Even if you're not on the right track, if you just sit there, you're gonna get run over." --Cowboys of Moo Mesa (I think I just dated myself... oh well). This feels like something I would come up with, because there's both conviction and hope in it, at least that's how I see it. I've taken some wrong tracks in my life, but I never stopped going even so. If I had, I'd still be nowhere at all. And even the wrong tracks still helped me find the right one most of the time, if only by me realizing "okay, this ain't the right one like I thought it was."
  4. Forgive me if I have the wrong forum. This seemed most appropriate. I guess I'm wondering what the progressive cost might be for what I'm looking for. I have a muzzle made for the JOMO werewolf 4.1 and scripts from the "Open Pony Play" set that I've been using together as a gag harness, and it's been working pretty well after I made some VERY basic modifications to them. In fact, with only a couple of tweaks it would be near perfect. But I don't know enough to make those tweaks. I'm not above trying to learn, but I admit my eyes can glaze over when I try to figure it out, though I have managed to learn a super basic thing or two. Mind you, right now the gag operates in two scripts; one to control it, and one that handles the gags (both the garble and the visual). And they aren't short. One is 1280 lines while the other is 1385 lines (though it seems like one of them repeats itself or something in text that doesn't do anything). I'm not sure how best to proceed with my question beyond giving my wish list. They're listed in order of desire, though if an item deeper down the list costs very little, I might spring for it above the others. I guess I'm asking to find out what it might cost to achieve each addition/change within the script. I'm mostly exploring my options right now, but the right price and skill-set may get an order, though possibly not right away. Now I know custom scripting isn't cheap, but seeing as I'm looking at tweaks rather than starting from scratch, I'm hoping it may not cost as much. Unless a total replacement really would be easier/cheaper. 1-) Timelock version A: A simple timelock option that allows me or anyone with access to lock the harness/tack for a set period of time. I would be locked out of the menu during this time like a "tight lock". 2-) Fix an occasional bug where my mouth will close when standing from some things even though the gag is still on. (Been hard to recreate reliably. Bento animations.) ***I would be a VERY happy wolf if these two were the only things done.*** 3-) Prevent talking animation when garbled. 4-) Timelock version B: More complex. Have it so anyone with access (be it public or an owner) can extend or shorten the timer, or override/stop it but have the option to keep it locked, thus taking control like normal. I would want to be notified if someone cancels the timer in this way if at all possible so I know there is no longer a timer active, but is not at all required. I of course would remain locked out until the timer expires or the tack is unlocked regardless of who set the timer, including myself. ***Near perfection achieved! All items beyond this are little things that would make it even better, but I'd still be thrilled without them.*** 5-) Be able to add/have additional gag style options (I.E. ring gag, full muzzle, ect.) I don't necessarily need you to add the visual prims, I just need to know how to add them so they work when they are selected. You may need to add them to the script though, or tell me how to add them to the script myself. 6-) If set to public, menus remain public even if someone else is holding the reins (so others can change the RLV, gag and/or garble settings for example). I would still be locked out if the tack is locked of course. 7-) Have it so that the reins can be anchored to things like a standard leash. 8-) Not have to re-add owners each time I make a slight change to the script. 9-) Make it all one script instead of two. 10-) Be able to adjust the color/size of the reins. So uh... anyone willing to give me insight into what it might cost? Thank you for your time.
  5. What I get for using such an old script. But I got my answer despite that, so I than you greatly for being willing.
  6. Well I apologize for making it hard on you. I will try to remember that next time. However, that did it! So thank you! It's such a little thing, but I and my owner will get to enjoy things so much more because of it.
  7. Well here is the full script. Hopefully that works.
  8. Greetings, hopefully this is going in the right forums. I have am old script I'm using for my gag. (For the curious, it's the free "Open Pony Play" bit. It serves my needs pretty darn well actually.) My new owner uses a chanspy attachment that allows her to see chat on channels 1 and 3, but my gag doesn't broadcast on those channels. I was wondering if there might be a way to tweak the script so that it will do so, either as a redirect or a copy or whatever it takes for the gagged speak to appear in local, but for her chanspy thing to see the un-altered chat. I've done some VERY basic scripting, so I can edit it some, but this is far beyond my skills at the moment. I still have SO much to learn about all of this, so I'll take any ideas you can throw at me. Thank you for your time.
  9. Hm, fair point. I appreciate the perspective. He's been good so far so I think he'd understand. Knowing there's always that safety line of being able to just turn the RLV off (that you can't get in real life bondage), I like the idea of being locked out of (or perhaps more correctly; into) my gear when my owner wants to do so. Then I'm stuck until they decide what happens. Wouldn't adding myself as an owner negate that? Again, if there wasn't an unblockable escape hatch always there if I decide to end a scene whether they like it or not, I'd never even consider such a crazy thing. Especially with free cuffs/collar, the risk seems minimal if at all.
  10. Thanks, that's got the menu issue. So that's one down. I'm unsure about triggering such a thing, but it would be nice to roam around when my owner wasn't the one who restricted that. Ya know what I mean? If he had, then it would be different. I haven't made any friends yet, and I've had bad luck with passers by... erm... passing by. I was actually out here BECAUSE it seemed barely traveled, so I figured it was a chance to solo test a few bits, some of which were adult. I was found, and when the opportunity to be owned came up, I figured it was a good first test (and thus far has been). Also when I try to unleash, it says "Sorry, someone who outranks you on Surssin's collar leashed Surssin already." So I'm not sure if anyone but my owner could. Then again, I have no idea how such things work, so maybe they could. If it helps, this is the collar I'm using. Been a pretty good first set for being free. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GasLight-Cuffs-3980/5864975
  11. Greetings all. I'm a new player looking to enjoy the bondage side of SL as well as the community part. To that end, I let someone "own" me to get my first taste. Don't worry, I can stop it if I really want to, and I know the tricks to get out of it if it turns bad, or I never would have dove in so freely. But in toying with my gear and settings, I made a couple of slip-ups. For one, I leashed myself to a post, but now I can't unleash. In a truly epic brain-fart moment, it didn't occur to me that I could put it on but not take it off. My owner last left me with restrictions on and I want to preserve those, but I'd like to unleash so I can run around the area within those restrictions. If I turn the RLV feature off (using Firestorm), remove the leash, and then turn it back on, will the other restrictions he has in place return? I JUST want to get rid of the leash I put on myself, but leave the rest as he last left me. Preferably without him getting any notifications about it. Also, I accidentally removed the RLV drop-down menu along the top. I didn't know you could do that, but I can't find how to put it back. Any ideas or thoughts on either topic?
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