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  1. Hi, i'm putting some skybox and I would like to know how to deed a prim counter to the parcel group!
  2. Acabo de abrir esta ciudad en español "Ciudad de los Latinos", tiene una plaza y estaría agradecida si decides pasarte. ¡Saludos! Ciudad de los Latinos: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Psyche/107/161/22
  3. Thank you! that was helpful I made this account specially for this (?) just to not make a mess, hope that wont affect this lil business.
  4. Hi, i've been trying to rent my parcels, put all in a group and giving invitation when people want to rent. But I noticed that everyone can get to that group and have rezz permissions. Can I delete the role 'everyone' or make the group private so they can enter by recieving that invitation or something to solve this problem? ty!
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