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  1. \\\\... pop culture location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legendary/215/198/0 credit: genus head, maitreya body, clothing by BDR, hair by twigs$
  2. Whoa love the dedication, I've been working on some stuff but maybe this'll inspire me to give submitting some thought
  3. Ah perfect, thank you for understanding the situation and oh great I didn't know that was an option but will definitely try it out!
  4. wait i'm obsessed and kind of want to make a lisa mariposa inspired fit for this lol
  5. Literally this is the only time I've seen concern with my user. It's PG13 at most. If LindenLabs already allowed my name I see no reason why it would cause hinderance. Unless i'm actively spouting swears I see no reason why my avatar wouldn't be allowed on all General rated sims. It's my gamer girlie name and if I choose for it to be that I should be free too. It's not like I'm swearing. In general, I would just kind of like to see more consistency.
  6. It seems quite weird to employ arbitrary rules onto users considering there really is no set guideline for this. Sorry I don't want to go to "black fetish club #24" all the time. If my character is dressed appropriately there should be no problem. At the most it would be sensible to implement some type of censor onto these sims then if they want to keep this thinly defined idea of "general" and "appropriate". Nonetheless, quite enjoying my time in SL.
  7. I would say they actually are quite related. Hoping to see a cultural shift soon of the older players as they are quite rude.
  8. So I'm a bit confused about the rules for G-rated sims. SL is still an 18+ game regardless since LL decided to abandon their teen server years ago. I'm still a bit confused about how these rules are being handled as I essentially got kicked out of a G-rated club because of my avatar's name. Seems kind of weird for the same game that has dozens of racist roleplay clubs
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