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  1. Thank you so much @Rolig Loonand @Quistessa ... This is so appreciated to have such a script available, works perfectly!
  2. @Lankarion LockThank you for this script, it is right along the lines of what I need and works just fine, though I am hoping to then use Rolig's mod as I want to use another clickable script (an item giver) in the same object. But scripters like you and Rolig who shar your expertise freely are such a blessing in SL. (I do my little bit in other ways *giggle* ... but scripting will never be one of them ) @Rolig LoonThank you for providing an alternative version. Although your edit says it clarified the dialog nesting, in actual fact for me it still shows up here as one long line
  3. @Eddy OfarrelThank you SO much for picking this up and doing all you have done. Surely your skills can lead to a job in some lucrative enterprise, or maybe they already do *smile* Words fail me in regard to just how much benefit I have already gained in just the last couple of days. Just another huge fan here!
  4. So the last post on this is now weeks ago, and the thing STILL is not fixed. I want to resurrect this thread for further discussion, because as a Premium member with actually several Premium accounts (for land ownership access, not playable avatars) I do feel extremely let down after now 4 months of no map tiles except at maximum zoom in. It's all been said already, above, by much more erudite persons than me, but how long IS this going to go on. Heck, I can go into the most lowly OpenSim grid and get working map tiles of the entire grid. But for me, land acquisition especially has been ex
  5. Thank you Rowan! It answers the question I couldn't find easily in-world so I did my homework and decided I could help others in future. It ends up being the first result in a Google search for 'Maitreya store credit', so hopefully anyone else who Googles that will find it. I think I did make a few posts here years ago under my old name, but like everything else, it was time for a fresh start!
  6. To use Maitreya store credit: If you don't have enough store credit for the item you want to buy, firstly go to the service desk and pay the silver Store Credit notice the extra amount you need, like this: https://gyazo.com/50337e826b50e94ffccc6fe0cdf0286d Then click that notice again, it will confirm how much store credit you have left. Then to use the store credit for your purchase, right-click the vendor for the item, and choose 'Menu' on the top of the wheel thingy which pops up, like this: https://gyazo.com/07a77579e35d5f455d8f4e4640f63215 When you click menu
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