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  1. even if I take the channel -29250 and set an IF command like: if (msg = "menu") • llDialog(id, "Targets in Range: n n" + msg, ["END","Myself"] + buttons, gChann); • It does not work it does not open a menu that outputs all the surrounding objects. only if you click and that is not possible if someone wears the script in a HUD 😞
  2. The script is as it is good for my needs. I just can't modify the script, that it listens to -1234567 for example and then the sender of -1234567 opens the menu as if I were to click on it
  3. More than once and also all other information that can be found on the Internet. Before I ask a question, I really tried everything to find a solution
  4. I have made about 30 changes that have NOT brought success. It also makes no sense to have all 30 attempts here. 🙂
  5. I found this script on the internet and it works fine. However, I have been trying to modify it for days so that it not only clicks and opens the menu, even if a stranger clicks on it, but I want to redesign it so that it also listens to a chat command like -123456 and then opens the menu for the sender even though another is wearing it. I have now tried several days to adapt the script but I just can't. Does anyone have an IDEA how to rebuild it? Thank you very much :-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- //Formatted Sensor Di
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