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  1. Hey all I am Mai and I am a few months into SL and have found it pretty lonely so far. Sometimes when I explore I dont even run into other people. Where are all the places where people go and hangout and chat? I went to a couple clubs because I love dancing especially to EDM and indie dance rock music, but at the club nobody said ANYTHING in that chat and it seems to be the case every club i go to. I dumped all this money into getting the best stuff for my avatar but now Im wondering if it was a waste? 

    A little bit about me:

    I am on the east coast and am SL+3

    I love building so far, as I do design IRL

    I love dancing and going to clubs

    I love exploring all the beautiful places people have created, and sometimes i randomly sim hop and just click on the map somewhere and go!

    I love chatting about weird stuff like aliens, conspiracies, glitch in the matrix, cyberpunk, dystopian futures, astronomy, etc

    I am a cosplayer in RL and love coming up with new styles inworld for my avatar.

    Sometimes I just like to be silly and get stupid toys in SL that annoy people for laughs.

    Please let me know if you would like to hang out sometime and explore, I am super outgoing and love chatting with new people.

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