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  1. Awww thank you so much! I appreciate all the info sincerely. One of the things I like so much here is the community. So glad I switched platforms thanks again
  2. Ahhhh wow. U made that sound so much simpler than the hours of reading I just did on land πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ thank you so much. So question if I wanted to go the route of buying a piece of land to get a house on, say the parcel is i think it was 4096 mΒ², long as I dont go over that I wont be charged? Or is it once I go over the 512 I have left at the moment I get charged? Realistically I already spent my 30day limit money anyway but trying to plan ahead. This place has so much to offer lol
  3. Hey Loves! Local Noob here just wanting to know if there was a way to get rid of my linden home and replace it with a nicer one I buy or how does getting a better house work? I've done minor research but the whole land and impact thing is confusing no matter how hard i try. Also, if in choosing to decorate the linden home itself, what happens if I go over the land impact limit? Or will it not let me go over? Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance to anyone willing to give any useful info
  4. Oh! I wasnt aware of those types of situations. I heard of SL but just never joined but after Raye helped me and I watched a couple YouTube tutorials and read through these forums im learning slowly but surely lol everyone in this community is very nice even despite the bad experience im very happy I switched. Thank you all so much for offering help πŸ™ I still need help with some things so can IM me in world β˜ΊπŸ‘‹πŸΌ
  5. No you were rude as all hell and kept trying to rush me through things when I clearly said I never navigated sl before. Then you tried to accuse me of playing games with u because I said I couldn't teleport where you wanted me to without adjusting my avatar preferences which I had no clue how to do. Then said u felt sorry for me and tried to be a ***** but u met the right one today im not for drama but u damn sure not bout to bully me either. U were a terrible first experience on SL.
  6. Awe thank you so much im just so used to that being the way things are done πŸ˜… but any help would be greatly appreciated I dont know a single thing about SL
  7. Hi my names Lux im literally brand new to SL and just want some help making my avatar and figuring out how to navigate it. Willing to pay for the assistance as I know nothing about SL but trying to switch from another platform. I have found the body and head shapes i need just dont know what to do with them lol. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help!
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