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  1. Honestly, I am far from freaked out about this issue, which is why I am not reporting it. It’s just annoying to know that even tho this particular av is not in their friends list, they still know if I go on her. It’s just like someone eavesdropping on your phone call kinda, I didn’t give you permission to know when I’m on, otherwise you’d be in my list. If that makes sense. I appreciate all the advice. I’m not overly worried about figuring it all out considering this isnt an av I use more than a couple of times a year. I mainly just wondered if a name change might be an effective way to block
  2. @FairreLiletteNo, I didnt do character test before remaking her, but again, this is an AV that has largely gone unused and was never given anything by this person or doesnt live anywhere, so no orbs or anything would come into play on this. This person also wasnt in her friends list. @Rowan Amore Well, having ruled out just about every other option, and intentionally tested to verify it wasnt random, I’m really not sure how they figured it out apart from some kind of HUD or viewer or something that told them. Guess it doesnt matter. It isnt like they do this constantly and now that we arent
  3. @Qie NiangaoYes, it was a sim type I would never normally frequent. I selected something way out of my normal habits or tastes. I have really done my due diligence on this to ensure it wasnt coincidence, that was the entire reason for the test, bc when they found me the first time, they claimed it was coincidence. That time I happened to be at a sim type they definitely would frequent. Also, as I mentioned, they also tracked down that friend of mine at his house so it definitely wasn't coincidence. Yes, during the test, they walked right up to my av and began engaging me in conversation. I hap
  4. @Lucia NightfireNo, the 2nd time I intentionally left the av parked for several days on a sim I have never been to in the past as a test to see how long it would take them to show up and to rule out some of the possible scenarios of how they had found me the first time that people have been suggesting. Because they also tracked down the friend I was with during the first incident I mentioned. They were able to find his SL house and saw him with the woman he was seeing and assumed it was me on an alt. During my test, it took about a week before they walked right up to my av. I knew her being o
  5. Finally the forum is letting me reply. First of all, let me apologize for my comment about people being stupid if they dont believe it is possible. All I meant was that I have personally seen them show up twice in the last 4 yrs to sims that are not part of a pattern for me. They have never had map rights to that avatar nor collared her nor given her any objects. In fact, they were not even in each other’s friends lists. That is why I am saying there has to be some other way they showed up where she was. This happened on 2 separate occasions 2 yrs apart from each other at sims I never frequent
  6. You people are stupid if you dont think it is possible for someone to use a HUD to track online status and location of an AV. I am telling you I have seen them do it in several situations. I promise it’s a real thing. It amazes me that so many of you still disbelieve its validity
  7. I literally have had them show up to two sims i was at on an alt, that was not a sim they knew about. My av wasnt wearing any objects granting them permission. They literally have a hid that tells them the status as well as location of any av they want to track. I was hoping someone here would know the answer to my question, but clearly you all only live in your deluded world of “it can’t happen” I promise you it can. I’ve seen it.
  8. Rowan, you are naive and wrong if you believe that. They have never given me any object to track me with but have twice shown up at sims they would have no way of knowing apart from a tracker of some kind. Aside from that, they fully admitted to me they can track my avs
  9. I know for a fact they can track not only online status but location of any avatar that they know about. I just dont know if the HUD they have uses the name or UUID. I’m thinking name, because I know they have tracked avs they have never met. I know they can track location, bc I have had them show up at sims I have been to that they would never have known about apart from a HUD and they admitted to me they can track people
  10. Do tracker HUDs people use generally track by legacy name or UUID? I saw somewhere they use an LSL string but wasnt sure if it uses name or UUID. I have an ex that tracks all of my avs. Wondering if I change my legacy name if that will kill their ability to track me. Please dont tell me things like you should report them blah blah...i just want to live my SL in peace. I’m aware what they are doing is against ToS. I am not interested in starting a whole wave of crap. I just want to remove my track ability from them.
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