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  1. I apologize.. My intentions were not to irk you or make you angry. I was so excited I acted quickly and did not think to reread the post to check if I missed anything. I'm sorry and I hope we can move on.. next time I'll reread and not act quickly.
  2. Hello! I hope this job is still available! I would love to get this job and I will work hard to promote our services
  3. I would love to work as a minister! I will work hard to provide good service and etc. Please contact me if this is still available!!
  4. Yikes! this might be hard indeed cause most of the popular jobs I have seen are... being a dj, a stripper, a dancer, and a host! I do have second life experience, this is my new account. I'm willing to work at a job that does not require showing my body because I don't like that! I hope you can understand and I'm willing to work hard to help promote our service
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