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  1. So..... i cant change my access rated is seems to be just stuck on general what do i do to fix this problem ??
  2. Other then my not paying action to what I'm doing thank you to everyone who is helping me and telling me things I should know I have watched some SL videos and just might start my on clothing brand on SL seems pretty easy and I have photoshop so it should work out
  3. sorry I didn't notice its 11:54 and I'm working on a paper so I didn't look twice at it
  4. Thank you everyone that is helping me I really applanate it
  5. Hi I'm Cece Vuitton but you can call me Cece I'm finally 18 years old so I guess I can actually start looking for a second life job I've been playing SL for about 7 months now its pretty fun but always paying for L$ gets expensive for me I have the Classic Legacy body & Curvy E-body and the Genus strong head I do want to note my avatar is a more darker skin color then what most would see on SL I'm okay wearing more skin reveling outfits _OTHER JOBS- Any other jobs I would more then love to work for you please Message me is your ether looking for a mod
  6. so I'm guessing since not turning 18 until Monday my Access Content Rated is gonna be just stuck on general for now huh
  7. yeah i understand that im only 17 until three more days tho do you think i should wait until then .....
  8. Heyyy everyone been playing second life some some time now almost two months now and seem it is very hard to make friends because I play on black dragon because fire storm is to laggy for me I do use my mic from time to time I'm on second life way more now then I was in the past its really fun so if anyone wants to be my friend and kick it with me just shoot a message my way it doesn't matter if you don't use your mic or not ill still be your friend female or male doesn't matter to me .
  9. Hi my name is Cece Vuitton I'm looking for a job since I'm some what new I have been playing for two months so far and liking it ,it doesn't really matter what job am doing as long as its a job and I'm able to get payed
  10. No really requirements just looking for some friends to play with
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