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  1. ╔══════ ☾❤☽ THE CAGE CLUB PRESENTS - Pimps and Ho's ☾❤☽ ═══════╗ ╠☞Who➜ DJ Geino ╠☞Host➜ Lynn ╠☞When➜ 8pm to 10pm SLT ╠☞Where➜ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adult Hub BDSM/139/137/34 ╠☞Theme➜ Pimps and Ho's ╚═ Calling all you pimps. Put on your velour Suit, Shine up your gold tooth, Polish them canes, adjust that hat and get your ho's in line. The Cage is Hosting this year's Player's Ball.
  2. ╔══════ ☾❤☽ THE CAGE CLUB PRESENTS - Totally 80's ☾❤☽ ═══════╗ ╠☞Who➜ DJ Brigit ╠☞Host➜ Feather ╠☞When➜ 8pm to 10:00 pm SLT ╠☞Where➜ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adult Hub BDSM/139/137/34 ╠☞Theme➜ 80's ╠☞ Ladies get out that hair spray and tease that hair out. Guys dust off them acid wash jeans. Hop in your DeLorean. It's time to step back to the decade that gave us Arcades, Mallrats, MTV, Hair Bands, New Coke and the Mega Pop Star. ╚═☾❤☽ ☾Join us for Totally 80's Tunes☽ ☾❤☽═
  3. Bump!! Come help us meet a goal and get the boss naked 😜
  4. ╔══════ ☾❤☽ - THE CAGE CLUB - Black and Red! ☾❤☽ ═══════╗ ╠☞Who➜ 🎧 DJ WILLOW ╠☞Host➜ Rodica ╠☞When➜ 8pm to 10:00 pm SLT ╠☞Where➜ THE CAGE CLUB ╠☞Limo➜ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adult Hub BDSM/147/128/34 ╠☞Theme➜ The Cage Club is back in black and the river runs red for DJ Willow is rocking the castle into the night so come show off your blackest of blacks and reddest reds! ╚═☾❤☽ ☾Join us for some Amazing Tunes☽ ☾❤☽═
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