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  1. Let me tell you about these people. They had been banned from a sim I loved in January 2021. For nothing, due to a personal disagreement. Now, normally you might say, a banning is nothing. But this was my main source of interaction during a time in which a family member was extremely ill. During the middle of winter in the middle of a pandemic. My only source of joy, my only source of companionship; and they took that away.
  2. Luna, your post is precisely on the money. This is exactly the way I was treated over and over again. It made people like X, Y and Z, and all those at ABC feel good *about themselves* to treat me like a pariah. The first person on that list is very skilled at creating drama but extracting themselves from the situation putting the blame on others. So, based on your advice, I have decided that the best revenge is to have a good Second Life. I will not allow these people to define or destroy me. I will come out of this better, stronger, and more empathetic. Thank you all, and especially Luna, for your advice. Jennifer.
  3. I'd like to thank everyone for their kindness. I've hung on for about the past month, though not on as often. I have just fallen deeper into a spiral of depression, boredom, and quite frankly despair. So I have given up and today I closed my account, marking the end of my four year Second Life Journey. It pains me to leave but it pains me to stay as well. Such is life Thank you all In sadness, Jennifer
  4. Thank you Ceka, that is so kind of you to say. I will definitely check out the Great Wall. Thanks for your kindness, Jennifer.
  5. Thank you, Doris, Rolig, and Silent. This is good advice. I will try to do so. I need to unshackle myself of the past. It's difficult to start at zero. But thank you both for your kind suggestions - I appreciate it.
  6. Thank you all for your advice, especially Molly and Luna. Most all, thank you for taking a sympathetic view of my situation. I've been roleplaying as a physician for about two years. The feedback I get is my role-play is authentic. But not everyone likes me in the medical field in SL, and I have not been able to work at some of the bigger places because of this. All I can say is that medical RP is territorial and some people in that field hate me. I had my own clinic because I enjoyed building it. But doing medical RP without a team is no fun. As I said, I am appreciative of those who have been sympathetic towards me. Sadly, that has not been my experience in SL - people have been slow to give me a second chance, and for reasons I cannot understand, distrust me. Yes, I can try some new places, but its just so hard to get started. I'm on the edge.
  7. Yes, that is my difficulty. I am so stuck in the past. I keep thinking back to the happy days of May 2020 in Edenvale. I need to somehow find something similar or better. Thanks for the advice so far. Jen.
  8. So, a bit of background on my situation. In May 2020, I was forced to self-isolate and I ended up spending quite a bit of time exploring Second Life. I came across a sim called Edenvale and met some (what I thought) were really nice people. It was a vibrant sim. There was lots of role-play; people hung out and chatted; and I looked forward to logging in every evening. But at the end of May, somebody created drama and there was an exodus to another sim (called Lake County). Like everyone, I moved to Lake County, and while the first few weeks were good, the sim never really took off and it became boring. Anyway, that sim closed in September 2020, and a few months later I joined a sim called Carroway Heights with some of my friends from Edenvale. By way of further detail, I had a disagreement with a friend of mine in January 2021. I felt she wasn't doing her fair share of the work in a hospital we worked at, and the owners were complaining to me. Three days later I find myself banned from that sim. However, I remained friends with the owner, and she had me unbanned a few months later. I was a very good contributor, and was promoted to estate manager a few weeks later. But the people who had be banned never gave me another chance - they tried to undermine me by creating drama and tried to frame me for a virtual secret. It was very hurtful to be treated this way. Without going into any further details, Carroway Heights closed in July 2021, and I found myself abandoned. Everyone else went to another sim, which I am banned from (because I had a difference of opinion with the owners). I have had numerous fights with the owners and some of my former friends. I get the sense that some of them revel in the fact that I am alone. I have been told that nobody likes me and to basically go away, which I am contemplating doing. I do love Second Life, and I have some friends, but I am extremely lonely. I had my own land with a medical clinic, but I have decided to give that up as I am tired of logging in every night and being alone. I'm just at the point where I think I will quit. I should say, I am not a perfect person. I can be temperamental, and I have struggled with my mental health in recent times. But I don't believe that I should be treated like a pariah. Does anyone have any advice? Jennifer (katiapfurtscheller) (Edenvale, May 2020; Lake County, May-September 2020; Carroway Heights, December 20-January 2021; April-July 2021).
  9. This is still available ...no takers so far. Please IM me in world if interested.
  10. Hi all, I have a piece of land rented for the next three weeks and I plan to renew thereafter. Since I had some spare prims, I decided to put a mansion in the sky. The mansion is furnished, and I am offering it free to anyone who would like to use this space. It is a fully-furnished modern mansion. Let me know if you are interested in taking up this offer. My name is Jennifer Morelli (katiapfurtscheller) Feel free to IM me inworld to see the mansion. Jen
  11. Hi all, My second life has taken a bit of a slump recently as my sim has partially closed. One of the things I love doing in Second Life is serving as a Personal or Executive Assistant. If you have any openings, please feel free to contact me in world (katiapfurtscheller). Happy to work for free. I just want to be busy in SL. Thanks Stella.
  12. Thanks Rowan, I will do so. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  13. Hi all, My second life has taken a bit of a slump recently as my sim has partially closed. One of the things I love doing in Second Life is serving as a Personal or Executive Assistant. If you have any openings, please feel free to contact me in world (katiapfurtscheller). Happy to work for free. I just want to be busy in SL. Thanks Stella.
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