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  1. The post provided by Mercedes worked perfectly. The railings provided in the Content Pack didn't fit the size properly, so I overlapped them. After placement I linked them all to create a deck railing with an LI of just 7. Woohoo!
  2. Thanks so much Mercedes! I'll contact you in-world :-)
  3. Hi everyone. I was happy to land in one of the new stilt homes. I chose the Havana home, which has an open back deck - no railing. I opened the Content Pack and found four sections of railing that could be used around the deck, but no newel post (that tall post that's used on corners and between railing sections). The stilt homes notecard says the content pack includes "a section of railings that you can use to build a safety barrier around your deck or porch to keep people from falling off." But without newel posts, any railing sections I rezz look incomplete. I can't copy-paste the newels from the home's existing railings, so not sure how to obtain newels that match. Does anyone know if the moles have made the newels available somewhere else separately?
  4. Thanks, good guide. I change pretty frequently, but mostly use Slink Physique bod (can't beat those Slink hands and feet), Genesis Jade head, Genesis Mieko shape/skin, and a variety of hairs to suit my mood :-)
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