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  1. Ok so I've been trying to make my own personal television with media capabilities, naturally I decided to use YouTube as I quite frequently use it irl. An issue I've noticed is that after a while the page refreshes, while I'm watching it usually, I had lock repeat on because I thought that would fix it but sadly it did not. Does anybody know a way to fix this? Is this just an issue with the media system in general?
  2. I also like to note this is my first time putting up a wanted advert so I'm just an amateur, I'm trying ok. -I'd like to buy a parcel, I'd kinda like to pay once and be done with the matter. -Name your price as long as it's pretty cheap, the highest I'd go for is 4,500L$ but since I'm just going to be buying the L$'s before I officially strike the deal I can go a bit higher. -I'm kinda picky about the environment so I'd like to view the surrounding area. Most of the reasons why I didn't just buy any that I've looked at the in-game viewer or the marketplace is because of how out of pla
  3. Can you use Linden dollars to do so? Can you just "buy" the region outright instead of having to pay monthly regardless of whether you bought it or not? And I do not know how transfers really work, the knowledge base article on regions doesn't really go into the specifics and only states how to transfer it.
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