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  1. I recently purchased a private region and have now decided to also buy a homestead. I want the homestead to abut my sim but there is no space on the map where my region currently sits. I would like to move my existing region to a more open space so it can be side by side with the homestead. My question is though if I move the region, does everything go with it? In other words, am I going to have to reset my house, landscaping, etc or does moving simply just take what is then and there existing and put it on another spot on the map?
  2. Always looking for friends! Feel free to message me anytime
  3. This is probably a very stupid question, but I thought I would at least ask anyway. Is it possible to place a private region on the edge of mainland? In other words, when selecting the coordinates, can you actually have one edge of your private region connect to the mainland (which would essentially grow the size of mainland by one region)?
  4. My SL wife and I would love to meet and explore SL with some other couples. We spend a lot of our time sailing/boating around the Blake Sea, going to beaches, dancing at clubs, and, generally, just exploring the mainland, but we are always up for a new adventure. We are not swingers ourselves, so this is not meant to be a post about finding couples to swing with. We would love to just find some other couples to laugh and hang out with in SL. I know I am slightly biased, but I promise we are a lot of fun. If anyone out there would like to meet, feel free to message me in-world at Cole Dalton (cole.dallas).
  5. I know there is a bunch of us looking for the same thing. But message me if anything’s available. thanks
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