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  1. Hi all I am in need of an experienced photographer for a couple. I know that it might be a bit on short notice but it would need him/her on Wednesday around 12 sl time for 1hour Also he/she should be able to make good suggestions etc Would be more than happy when someone would reach out
  2. Thank you all for the help, really appreciate it For now I have applied one of the free fixes, which definitely improved it a lot. I will keep my eyes open for a Legacy Skin, however, I wasnt able to finde the one which is mentioned with the Body (on the add), so I will keep my eyes open for one.
  3. Yeah I learned this now on the hard way, anyways for me this is sort of scamming, if you mentioning in the description that is BOM compatible ... Thank you for the recommendation, buy I am a guy
  4. Thank you a lot, I tried one of those free Nail Fix on the Marketplace, it definitely improves a bit. But as you said, matching the color is really tricky Could you give me a good hint to a BOM Skin? Cause the ones I found, even they said it is for BOM arent working. Bought one yesterday, especially for BOM and this one created those adorable *puke* feet.
  5. Hello, hope someone can help me, I have updated my Avatar and I dont know what I did wrong or how I can change this, but my feet look horrible. Does anyone knows how to fix this? I think it is because of the Skin, but not sure. I tried several but noone seems to change it. I have the Catwa Head and Legacy Body
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