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  1. Although.. afte re-reading what you asked.. I feel like you may already know everything I posted in that book just now... >_>
  2. Making a companion is not as difficult as it seems in fact is actually really simple is just very time consuming I see you already have all the star and blender so you're already on the right foot. I actually did it tutorial for this process a while ago but this was when I had first started doing Bento rigging, so it's not the best method and that video and I definitely need to update it. However that doesn't mean that I can't give you a rundown of the process. When I make bento animals I use blender 2.79 and Avastar 2.79. So let's begin okay The first thing you nee
  3. Most of Sl was built in the ye olde blender. I have a bunch of animation tutorials on my youtube channel. I promise I made it as painless as possible and easy to follow and if ya get stuck we have a pretty good support community.
  4. Oh! Had I seen this sooner I would've been able to answer. Well so far you can't bring .anim files into Blender Y_Y HOWEVER! You can convert .anim files into bvh files which CAN be brought into blender. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwin9m6auybcpup/Anim2BVHbento(2)(1).rar?dl=0 Just give this a whirl and import.
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