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  1. I've come back to SL after having left before mesh was a thing, and I'm a little at sea. My current avatar face is kind of what I want, but none of it is mesh. Is it possible to get a mesh head and skin etc that looks old? Any recommendations?
  2. I would love to consider my avatar to be me, but I get hung up about the discrepancies in our appearance. I need to work out how to scan in a photo and use that, I think.
  3. Hi Taryn, I'm also a returner trying to get to grips with all the changes. Let's stumble on together!
  4. Well I spend time around the Second Life Book Club Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BookClub Island/134/129/25 and various museums and so on.
  5. So this is still an issue? At one level of zoom I can happily pan around and see everything, but zoom out and it's all just clear wide blue of the ocean. Will this ever be resolved? Can someone clever just port it over to Google Maps or something? I see someone's tried to do that in the past, but that's not working anymore.
  6. Can I join in on this too? Late 40s, not been on SL for donkeys years and so on, looking to reconnect. Maybe we should start an Old Farts group?
  7. This is really useful, helps instill a little confidence for those just starting out.
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