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  1. Had a look for anything Nahimic and there's nothing installed or running with that name. Both Firestorm and SL Viewer give me the same white screen. I've even disabled my Firewall just in case it might be that but it had no effect. Really at a loss as to what it might be. SL used to run fine for many years on my PC...don't know why after a forced version update of the Viewer it all went sideways.
  2. I do currently have an external monitor connected to my laptop but even with it unplugged the result is the same, a white page. I don't have Nahimic installed. Not even sure what that is or what it's for.
  3. I've turned off AV/Firewall and still no go. I do have an external monitor plugged into the laptop but even without it plugged in SL viewer just gives me a white page.
  4. First thing I did was install the oldest that would work and still the same results.
  5. I've checked and rechecked firewall and antivirus, no issue there. The app updates fine but just won't run.
  6. Been playing around with it after latest update and still not running...same white screen. Attached is a screenshot of what I see along with what's going on in the task manager. Ideas anyone?
  7. Yes....Predator laptop i7 running Win10 with Intel eGPU and Nvidia GTX 980M ...more than enough to run SL. A few months back when I would install the SL viewer it would mess around with my Nvidia driver and break the Nvidia control panel, forcing me to reinstall the Nvidia driver.
  8. I would if I could...but it goes white at launch. No menu bar or menu access. I have had this problem for well over a year now, it was fine until it wasn't due to a "require" viewer update.
  9. Hey all. I've been having problems with the SL Viewer for some times now, I've tried numerous things to try and fix it but to no avail. When I launch the SL viewer all I get is a white screen and nothing else, I usually have to force quit it using the task manager. Running Win10 on a laptop with both an intel GPU and Nvidia GTX 980M (latest driver), I've tried to get the viewer to switch to the Intel GPU using the Nvidia control panel but it's stubborn and just won't switch over, it keeps trying to run on the Nvidia card and gives me that white screen. I've tried using Firestorm instead but that too gives me a white screen. I don't get any error messages or anything it just freezes on launch with a white screen...did I mention it just gives me a white screen? Anyone have any idea or fix for this? Thanks.
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