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  1. Okay, I wasn't planning to reply to any of this because this is exactly what I didn't want this thread to turn into but here it goes... I was raised in a Caribbean making me Haitian American. I've always been in a crowd with "African Americans" or Hispanics because there wasn't really other races around. When I started online gaming that's when I started to meet people of the other races but yet the majority of my friend list included people of color for the simple fact that yeah they were friendly but they didn't understand nor could they relate to me in shape or form. I'm always opened to making friends no matter the race, I was only asking for "black people" because I don't see them on here to often from the places that I've been to. Most of my friends on SL currently are not black and I don't mind that at all. I'd love to meet more of them though. And for those of you to call me a racist because I want to hang with more people of my background is just sickening. I didn't exclude anyone in a way that I'm 100% against hanging out with them. I did say I did not want this to be an issue about race but here we go. I did mention, "I don't have an issue with other races it's just that for me personally I'd prefer to spend my time in area where there's more people like me." I didn't say "hey I won't hang out with race a, b, c." I'm open to meeting anyone, but I'm not allowed to hang with black people because I'm black lol? If I do then I'm racist... As for the people that play a different race behind the avatar, once I don't have an issue as long as you're cool people. My dad in fact is a white male behind his black avatar. I had no issue, he's allowed to be whoever he wants to be on this virtual world but he's still cool people with a great personality. Not once did I say, "Black people are the BEST therefore I ONLY want to hang out with black people" Like I said I'm open to making new friends no matter the race but on top of that I want to meet more black people along the way. I shouldn't have to be attacked, and be viewed as racist for it. The ones that are calling me the racist are the same ones that make SL so racial. You started the uproar on race now look where we are. This is the exact reason why some people are afraid to voice their own opinions because people as such will drag them out, and be quick to call them a racist without question. This isn't only a racial matter. I could've easily said "Where to find the hotspots for LGBTQ people? "Where to find the hotspots for women?" "Where to find the hotspots for furries ?" but because I said black people it started this whole mad war. You've failed once again to not turn things racial after being asked not to. I'm not even surprised because I've seen on here too many times. And if I'm being honest most people don't like this energy guided towards them, lord I have to cleanse.
  2. Thank you, I'll be sure to check them out.
  3. This is the first time I've taking a picture on SL, I think it came out okay lol. I'll get shadows, and light down soon enough.
  4. Thank you, I'll check it out. I actually have BeYou but I don't like the furniture so I've been thinking about trying XeoLife
  5. Like I've said before I don't have an issue with race specifically. I've tried going out to make friends in general but the conversations don't stick. If you roleplay being black then that's all a you thing...I just want to know where can I find them. I have a select number of friends on here, I'd love to add more to the list.
  6. I've seen many of these forums that have a full debate about racial issues on SL, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm a black, bi-sexual woman, and I'm honestly in such of areas that I can hang so that I'm able to meet new people. I don't have an issue with other races it's just that for me personally I'd prefer to spend my time in area where there's more people like me. I joined SL a year ago, though I've never really gotten into until this year. I strongly desire an area for me to make friends and such but it's hard to do that as a new come. No my avatar does not look the bomb.com but I'd still like to meet people and make friends. I've searched via YouTube as well as other forums to find hotspots, I've even asked the question in a few discords however I always come up short because the discussion always turns racial. I just want a place to hang, and meet new people. So if someone could provide landmarks for me that'd be great. You can IM @Maddiiieee in world for you'd like to be friends.
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