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  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks again for all the support and kind words (for those who supplied them; of course to those of you who relayed that I was somehow a drama mongerer for expressing my concerns as candidly as I could, however, a big middle finger to you). Nothing has happened since I went ahead and blocked the person who scared the crap out of me, and I am very thankful for that. Second Life seems to be perfectly chill, which makes me very happy. So I think suffice it to say it's safe to let this thread die. I won't be posting here anymore. Again, many thanks.
  2. Unless they use an alt, I don't think that will happen, since I have them blocked. And if they DO, that's grounds for harassment. So I think I'll just stay blissfully unaware of their status quo for as long as I can.
  3. I totally understand that, and wish I could further elucidate you folks on what happened. But try to put yourself in this predicament. In all the years I've been in SL, I can count the times something this scary has happened to me on one hand. I don't drama-monger. And clearly, I can't share chat logs or provide too many details because I might be putting myself at risk. To be quite honest I'm trying to laugh it off. It was just so.. off the cuff and crazy, I don't know what else to do. And thank you to those who provided advice. I am filing an AR with screenshots of the chat
  4. I am using an alt for anonymity's sake when addressing this issue, because I am, quite frankly, a little disturbed by it and want to protect myself. I met someone a few days ago who seemed really cool from the get-go. Seemed really laid back, chill, but enthusiastic about starting projects together in SL. Anyway I logged in only yesterday and realized that they had unfriended me. Strange, right? Anyway I message them to ask what's up, what did I do, and they went on this LENGTHY tirade about how manipulative I am and that I was pushing my agendas on them. Extremely odd, since we had
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