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  1. So I did the test and to my surprise My FPS don't get above 4fps on this test while temp stay's below 50C U checked my PC and it was clean, I cleaned it to be sure, new test resulted in the same 4 fps and temp below 50C The I booted up the game prey set all on very high and it runs smoothly, also tested just cause 4 on high and also no issue, Skyrim remastered also no issue, planet coaster also no issue. So at the moment the only this that seem to be "broken" are second life and Furmark. And again I also have a lot of lag issues when even not logged in to the network. Starting up
  2. Thank you for your replay, but i have checked cpu and gpu temprature when running various high demanding games. All runs well en tempratures are way below 80c. Again i only have servere issues with Second life and even on te lowest of low settings fps is not above 7 and changing it to extremely high settings don,t case a further drop. Fps are always consistent around 7
  3. I have rebooted my system multiple times and like i said only SL seems the be aflicted regardless of what viewer i use: Here are my stads Firestorm 6.4.12 (62831) Dec 3 2020 22:34:49 (64bit / SSE2) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with Havok support Release Notes You are at 168,0, 221,9, 25,8 in Serena Fortuna located at ec2-54-186-142-8.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Fortuna/168/222/26 (global coordinates 306.344,0, 293.598,0, 25,8) Second Life Server 2020-12-09.553685 Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU
  4. Hello fellow SL users, I hope someone can help me solve a big issue I have. Up until last Tuesday everything was running fine on my PC when it comes to SL (High settings and all). Then last Wednesday SL (I used the firestorm viewer) crashed when also Origin (EA) crashed. Up on relogging to SL I noticed a slight lag when filling in my login credentials and logging in took longer then normal. When I finally was logged in I noticed what I thought was lag but upon checking my lag status I noticed that the FPS never came above the 7 FPS, the day before I was easily running 24+ fps. I
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