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  1. Since 1/2/21 or 1/3/21 when the “appearing as a cloud” issue was acknowledged and resolved by ll, I have logged into secondlife on two different viewers and my avatar has not formed out of the cloud. I can’t detach any attachments or huds whatsoever, the “edit my shape” tab is not clickable, and extremely low frame rates. The firestorm lsl bridge link that shows in the nearby chat in the Black dragon viewer says “internal server error; your request failed to rez.” I’ve made a ticket, no response yet. No one else I know had this cloud issue for no longer than a day. I’ve tried uninstalling and
  2. For the past 3 days I have been experiencing extremely low frame rates and remaining a cloud for eternity yet still being able to use my huds. I don't believe it's fully resolved.
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