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  1. Relaxing in an autumnal park I've been hard at work on.
  2. Does anyone use VICE anymore? It was pretty big in the dogfighting/aerial combat sims about 10 years ago.
  3. I keep weird hours, though I will admit this intrigues me. Though my aesthetic tends to lean more toward retro-futurism. Given aforementioned odd hours, occasional drop ins are the best I'm in a position to offer.
  4. Oh neat. I have a Star Wars/Star Trek/Transformers mix myself. =D
  5. I sometimes get compliments on my mode of dress. *^_^* I tend to be tomboy-ish, girly girl, or sometimes cosplay. Easter time with my homebrew "U.S.S. Cygnus" tee. And me in the "garage" standing next to an X-wing.
  6. Kitty cats are the very best! =D I came across the Bohemian Catsody, and loved it! ♥
  7. KC Couture has a flat called Amy, and it's my go-to for flats. =D https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KC-AMY-Ballerina-for-Slink-Flat-Maitreya-Belleza-Eve-Meshproject/6288620 I have several alts as well, so I know that feeling as far as budgeting and so on. That said, the price is right if you wish to treat yours as well. 😃
  8. It varies, depending on what I am doing. Just relaxing at home is in the neighborhood of 32 - 50 Out shopping, I tend to go to 64 ish. Will dial down to 32 if it's super laggy or crowded. Might crank up to 80-ish if i need to cam. When building, it depends on the build, and how far I need to "see". Taking pics, it pretty much depends on the locale, and what I want in the picture. 32 - 64 for closeup, 128 or more if I want a lot of scenery in the background. Flying, I crank it up to at least 256 if not more.
  9. I'm not sure I'd care to be friends with just any random stranger. I generally pass at least 19 times out of 20. One best make one heck of an impression on me to accept such a request. Otherwise, only way I'd accept if it's established that one is an alt of a friend, and my friends tend to be good about that. Though that's really not a stranger in that case. Now, if I am reading the profile of a total stranger, and I see something that I don't like, or gives me a bad vibe, or I come to see a large number of groups that I find objectionable, or revolve around sex, I tend to not only decline the request, I also wind up muting/blocking that person.
  10. Pretty much this, and I agree. I must agree.
  11. Been a while since I've put something new up. *^_^*;; Enjoy!
  12. This song has been getting stuck in my head a lot latley.
  13. Pretty much any plane made by Shana Carpool, or Tig Spijkers. ( sp? ) I find Carpool's easy to operate, and very forgiving. 😃 Just need an F-86 or some mid century jet design,and I'll be a most happy camper. That being said, her Cessna 172 is an excellent go to for taking friends on a cruise/flight. Also, Starhelm has some really nice steampunk airships. I am trying to think of the maker's name for this one car. It's on the tip of my tongue, and I'll probably remember it when I log inworld later. XD They used to have lots of vintage vehicles, with a decent script. Inexpensive too! Alas, said cars are discontinued now. =(
  14. Well, there is one thing I've heard of, called a "Fluffer nutter burger", which is pretty much peanut butter and marshmallow creme on a hamburger. Recently tried one, and I must say it was a rather interesting flavour profile. Of course, I don't recommend having too often, lest one's heart protest it quite vehemently.
  15. I am also part of the "Alt promoted to main" crowd. Ironically, it took another alt cosplaying that reminded me of an old comic/story that I wrote and drew many years ago, and I was inspired to bring a character to life in SL. My other toons are still arund, though nowhere near as active as I now. One even still carries all my building materials! That being said, I am saddened and angry when people do use other toons for nefarious purposes, such as having affairs, griefing and so on, especially when there are legitimate uses for alts. To the OP, you have my condolences on your loss. =( I'm also sorry that you had to find things out about him after the fact. With that, do keep close to you all the good memories. Exactly! =D
  16. They have a movie theather set up, and a screen and things where you can pick an MST3K movie by season. Pretty fun. Even has a group so you can see what movies they'll be playing. And even when there's no one there, you can start a movie yourself. Always fun times to be had! =D I can relate to that as well. =(
  17. Largely spend time with family, partner and friends. Hang out and watch movies and videos. Sometimes even check out the Mystery Science Theater 3000 sim in SL, and hang out there. I also enjoy building, flying, and the odd bits of RPing, and DJing. Sometimes shop if there's something that catches my eye.
  18. The Smurfs were pretty fun back in the day. Looked forward to seeing them alongside the Pac Man cartoon in the early 80s. I fondly remember the days of MTV actually Gasp! playing music! What a shocker, eh? Especially once I started getting to metal, and Headbanger's Ball was a thing. Headbanger's Ball kindly hit the "Would you like to know more?" button for me as I started to learn about new bands, along with assorted magazines of that era. Anyone remember Metal Maniacs? And yes, kids have that way of keeping you up to speed on things. Even if you don't have any of your own, nieces, nephews and cousins will kindly do that for you. XD A few christmases ago - this was back when Frozen came out - I was talking with my cousin, and she jokingly told me she was on for a night of constant "Let it go". So, I told her about the song "Happy", and she said "Thanks a lot! Now I have that in my head instead!" XD
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