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  1. No one is worthy of anything that just makes it sound like entitlement tell me what the set standard to receive love or happiness is and i'll destroy it, everyone deserves to be happy everyone deserves to be loves so excuse me if i wanted to show a potential daddy all the bad that comes with me first, i've ben hurt before when i chose a more ''normal'' approach to relationships and the second i started to show my true feelings the loneliness i feel sometimes they left me behind so in personal opinion it's better to know what you're getting into before you put your heart out on the line it lowe
  2. Nova Velvet (DepressedAssassin) Life is like coffee bitter without sugar. I need stability for my rent and shopping and want to meet someone who I can have fun with. Tags of post are about myself. IM me in world if you have questions.
  3. It states 5 accounts associated per one household pc so I have a few questions. 1. If I buy a second pc but using the same internet would that get me in trouble if I go past 5? 2. Is there a way I can pay LL for the right to more accounts if so, how? Thanks.
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